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Each year millions are spent on designing, building, and maintaining landscapes and hardscapes that use to many unsustainable resources. This practice does not conserve resources and depletes our water, contaminates the soil and water table and pollutes the air from the use of gas powered equipment. To save water a  'smart water' system is the best way to accomplish water savings

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Paver Patio

Pavers make a beautiful statement and are low maintenance. Landscaping with pavers adds value and functionality to your hardscapes and landscape

Terraced Retaining Wall

Terraced Walls

Retaining walls are attractive and provide good stability for slopes. Landscaping with retaining walls adds beauty and solves drainage and soil erosion problems

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Custom Fencing

This beautiful fence is made of synthetic materials, has a 25 year warranty. Adding a fence to your landscape provides privacy and keeps your pets and kids safe.

Gary Krause Landscaping

Gary is certified in 'Best Management Practices' for sustainable landscaping from the Green industries Institute so we can better provide alternatives to our clients that reflect a more sustainable approach.

Sustainability in Landscape has many different meanings. Some define a sustainable landscape as a discipline that emphasizes plant health, soil condition, water quality, and resource conservation.  To be sustainable does not mean the elimination of fertilizers, synthetic compounds, petroleum based products and gas powered equipment. Rather, sustainability means the creation of outdoor spaces that utilize the three R's, 'reduce recycle reuse'. A sustainable landscape creates a natural and balanced relationship between the natural and man made environment.

Certified for Best Management Practices in (see links below) Landscape planning and design using sustainable 'GREEN' Methods

 "There is a sufficiency in the world for man's need but not for man's greed. " ~Mohandas K. Gandh1

Creating a back yard 'Staycation' by adding a water feature, patio or outdoor kitchen can make for a nice backyard retreat. Also creates a more sustainable landscaping in your

back yard. Check out our photos of water feature, out door kitchens

What is landscape design build construction?....Learn More about Design Build

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The Rain Bird® ESP-TM2 Smart Control learn more

System combines proven Extra Simple Programming with weather-based scheduling to save you even more time, money and water.

Now that's smart.

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So what exactly is landscape design-build?

It's a landscape construction company which provides both the design and installation of landscape projects, instead of those services being provided by separate companies.
The design-build process can simplify the construction process for homeowners, but you should be aware that there are both pros and cons for using a design-build firm.

Here's what you need to know when making your decision.

The latest NARI

(National Association of the Remodeling Industry) survey of contractors reveals that building an outdoor living area is one of the most desired projects for homeowners. From retaining walls and fire pits to backyard kitchens and water features. Designing your outdoor features to reflect your life style is important to the enjoyment of your outdoor space and landscape. Hardscaspes add beauty and value to your home.

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Is life like synthetic turf that comes with a 8 year warranty for color fade. Adding this type of hardscape adds a green space that never needs mowing and cleans up with a hose or blower

Gary Krause, CSL, LCP

Licensed Landscape Construction Professional
( L.C.P. License # 12417) since 1995 with a degree in design.

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