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Gary Krause Sustainable Landscaping and Design

In the Beginning:

I started my landscape business in 1994 providing maintenance and ground keeping services in addition to a Construction Contractor license for building decks, patios, walkways and fences.

In 1995 I added the Landscape Construction Professional license to include irrigation, outdoor lighting and planting. This completed the 'full service' aspect of my business.

The Growing Years:

Over the years I have completed training and certification programs in retaining walls, pavers, drainage systems, water harvesting, 'Eco' roofs and sustainable best management practices for landscapes.

All of this training was and is an endeavor to provide the most professional workmanship and sustainable practices in order to improve the quality of your living space. Everyone in my company takes pride in their work and strives to always improve on what we are doing.

Where we're going:

The future is very promising as far as landscaping and gardening. With all of the new technology in plant genetics, 'Smart Water' irrigation products, drainage systems, permeable pavers and LED lighting. All of these new and promising products create a more sustainable landscape.

Team Bio:

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(Gary Krause, CSL, LCP):

Licensed Landscape Construction Professional ( L.C.P. License # 12417) since 1995 with a degree in design. He has 30 years experience in gardening, landscape design, construction and maintenance.

Gary is a 'Certified Sustainable Landscaper' in "Best Management Practices".

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