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What is Hardscape Design?

What is hardscape? Hardscape is the term for hard arranging materials. Concrete, black-top, stone, glass, block, metal, and rock are all hardscape. In everyday use, hardscape implies materials set by human design. Hardscape diverges from delicate materials like vegetation and soil, which are known as "softscape". Together, hardscape and softscape make up the scene. Instances of hardscape include: walkways streets pools lined water highlights porches holding dividers rock seepage regions Hardscaping at home—making yards into desert gardens Customarily, the expression...

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Home Landscape Design Tips

2020 was a rough year, but it has also brought us a lot closer to our homes. For many of us, we realized what we especially like or dislike. For some of us, this was our garden or our yard. More importantly, though, it was just nice to get outside with everything that was happening. In case you're new to landscaping or hardscaping, here are a few steps that you should take. Preplanning Firstly, don't start until you have some sort of plan. If your garden or landscape is already done and you just want to get out there, then by all means. However, if you're starting an...

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Wise use of water in your landscape

Your landscape irrigation system can use up to 70% of your domestic water use! There is something you can do. Complete a 'water audit' by having a qualified irrigation technician inspect, test, and calibrate your system. Using ‘catch cups’ and measuring the amount of water each sprinkler zone is using. That way the system controller can be programed correctly, and all the sprinklers adjusted and or relocated for the best coverage. Install a ‘Smart’ controller that uses weather data to set run times based the current weather conditions. Smart controllers can save up...

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