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Time to get your irrigation going – Irrigation and Sprinkler System 101

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All of our construction services includes design and engineering in accordance with industry standards and specifactions for sustainable landscape construction.

Our construction services

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Our design service offer you a complete layout of your landscape to include everything your landscape will need. To see samples follow this link, Design Page.

Contact us to arrange for a design consultation.


Our landscaping service include the following:




Lawns, sod and seed


Outdoor lighting featuring LED lights


Maintenance, monthly service that includes mowing, edging, weeding, trimming, pruning, thatching and aerating

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Our irrigation services provide you with the lasted in technology. we use only ‘Smart’ controllers to conserve water and lower cost of operation. In addition to ‘Smart’ controllers we use low precipitation rate nozzles and sprinklers in a holistic approach to water conservation.

Call us for your irrigation system check up, start up and repairs

The irrigation season is apon us, so don’t wait untill it’s to late to get your landscape irrigation system up and running

Ideas for a Sustainable Landscape at Home

Have a landscape Plants, - regardless of whether they are trees, bushes, blossoms or yards - are basic to our metropolitan and rural networks. After all the "green development" is about plants and the positive advantages they bring. They ingest carbon dioxide and...

What is Hardscape Design?

What is hardscape? Hardscape is the term for hard arranging materials. Concrete, black-top, stone, glass, block, metal, and rock are all hardscape. In everyday use, hardscape implies materials set by human design. Hardscape diverges from delicate materials like...

Home Landscape Design Tips

2020 was a rough year, but it has also brought us a lot closer to our homes. For many of us, we realized what we especially like or dislike. For some of us, this was our garden or our yard. More importantly, though, it was just nice to get outside with everything that...

Wise use of water in your landscape

Your landscape irrigation system can use up to 70% of your domestic water use! There is something you can do. Complete a 'water audit' by having a qualified irrigation technician inspect, test, and calibrate your system. Using ‘catch cups’ and measuring the amount of...

Gary Krause Landscaping and Design Services

Landscape construction services involve the physical implementation of a landscape design plan, including the installation of hardscaping, planting, and other elements. These services may include site preparation, grading, installation of retaining walls, walkways,...

What’s Growing?

                                   The Rain Bird® ESP-TM2 Smart Control learn more System combines proven Extra Simple Programming with weather-based scheduling to save you even more time, money and water. Now that's smart. Design News So what exactly is landscape...