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Landscape Maintenance 

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We offer basic and full service lawn care and maintenance. From irrigation to plants and lawn you are assured of professional service.

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         If you are a commercial property owner you know the value of keeping your landscaping attractive and inviting to customers. Call us today so we can show you how enhancements to your landscape can attract more customers.

Our Services

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Yard Maintanance & Cleanup

A Messy or unkept yard is unattractive and detracts from your property. Our landscape maintenance service can help with ‘cleanups’ and  proper regular maintenance.

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Do you have a patio or want to construct one? we can provide enhancements such as cleaning, sealing and sanding to your existing patio. We also can build a beautiful patio using a variety of materials.

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Irrigation System

We offer irrigation installs, repairs and upgrades using the lasted water saving technology. Our irrigation and sprinkler service uses less water applying just the right amount keeping your yard and landscape looking great.

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Water Features

Do You have a water-feature that needs upkeep or repair, we can help. Just give us a call today and we can get your water feature  looking great.



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 Some common methods include hand-pulling, using a hoe or trowel to dig up the roots, using a weed wrench or similar tool to pull out larger weeds, and using herbicides. In order to prevent new weeds from growing, it is important to maintain healthy soil and regularly mulch or cover bare ground with plants or other materials.

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It’s recommended to consult a professional landscaper or a horticulturist to have the best and specific advice on how to prevent disease and noxious weeds. We can provide you with treatment plans that can better manage problems and prevent new ones from taking over your landscape and garden. We also offer Snow and Ice melt services.

Why Choose Us

There are many reasons why you would choose Rogue Valley Lawn Care for landscape maintenance, but some common reasons include:

  1. Experience and expertise: A company with a long history of providing landscape maintenance services is likely to have a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who know how to take care of a variety of different landscapes and can provide the best advice and service to meet your needs.
  2. Quality of work: A company with a good reputation for providing high-quality work and attention to detail is likely to maintain your landscape in the best possible condition.
  3. Responsiveness: A company that is responsive to customer needs, answers questions and concerns in a timely manner, and is willing to work with you to create a custom maintenance plan that meets your needs and budget.
  4. Professionalism: A company that is well-organized, reliable and communicates effectively.
  5. Equipment and tools: A company that has the necessary tools and equipment to handle any type of landscape maintenance task, ensuring that your property will be well-maintained and looking great all year round.
  6. Flexibility: A company that is willing to work with you to create a custom maintenance plan that meets your needs and budget, and adjust the plan as needed to ensure your satisfaction.
  7. Insurance and liability: A company that is fully insured and bonded to protect you and your property in case of any unexpected events.
  8. Cost-effective: A company that offers competitive pricing, and can help you save money in the long run by providing regular maintenance services that will keep your landscape looking its best.
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“Alan, Josh and their crew did a fantastic job completely overhauling our front yard. They installed a paver driveway and three paver pathways. They also installed a drip system and tore up what was a Bermuda grass infestation and replaced it with a gorgeous array of plants and trees." Kevin Goff

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Melvin Thorton

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