Gary Krause Landscaping and Design provides sustainable landscaping solutions to property owners in the Medford, OR, area. Contact us today for an efficient, eco-friendly irrigation installation.

Your Need for Sustainable Irrigation

To keep your property green and growing, you can’t depend entirely on the weather. Every day, millions of Americans use outdoor irrigation systems to water their lawns, gardens, crops, and trees. However, because of inefficiencies in outdoor sprinklers and other systems, the EPA estimates that up to 50% of this water is wasted.

Not only does this wasted water not help your plants, but also it can drive up utility costs, cause property damage, and hasten erosion. If you want to avoid these negative effects and have your outdoor water go where it’s actually supposed to, contact a sustainable irrigation installation contractor like the professionals at Gary Krause Landscaping and Design.

Eco-Friendly and Efficient Watering Systems for Your Property

When you turn to Gary Krause Landscaping and Design, you get the latest in smart irrigation technology and expert installation services. We can also design a comprehensive irrigation system to meet the unique needs of your property, taking into account considerations such as:

  • Local climate conditions
  • Local water restrictions
  • The water needs of your plants
  • Potential irrigation zones
  • On-site water pressure
  • Other water factors unique to your area

We can not only design and install the sprinklers but also design and implement the best watering configuration for your garden, field, or yard. We’re also happy to teach you how to optimize your irrigation system with best watering practices, which include the use of our smart controllers to improve efficiency.

Smart controllers come with each of our irrigation installations. This technology can be adjusted to automatically regulate your watering schedule, reduce wasteful runoff, and water plants according to type and weather conditions.

If you’re ready to upgrade to a smart outdoor irrigation system tailored to your property’s needs, contact Gary Krause Landscaping and Design today. We’re happy to serve Medford and the surrounding community.